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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Winter Evergreen String Art Pattern

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Winter is about 3 days away, I think - and my favorite part about the first day of winter, is that it's also the winter solstice - meaning it's the shortest day of the year. Meaning, each day afterward gets slightly longer! Nothing against winter, I do love the different seasons... but I really love longer days, you can get so much done.  I've been swamped with Christmas String orders (thanks everyone! So exciting), but I had a goal to get a wintertime pattern in the shop.  Take a look at my Winter Evergreen:
I love how it came out! I hand drew it, then scanned it into the computer & edited it to get it ready for the pattern life. Then I printed it out, and tested it, to make sure there were no mistakes.  I think it's pretty cute! You can buy the pattern from my etsy shop, and it's actually a set of two.  One is the pattern you see here, and the other is just the silhouette. I think they'd look great together to create a sort of grove. 

If you're worried about whether you can do it or not, let me just say  you can totally do it.  The patterns come with a detailed instruction sheet, full of tips & tricks.  There are two main ways to start. To make your pattern re-usable; you can lay your pattern out, mark your nail holes with a thumb-tack, then remove the pattern & add your nails to the marks.
Some people prefer to lay the pattern out, use the thumbtack on the dots (makes a sort of pilot hole), and nail right through the pattern.  Since I give you the pdf's you can easily print this puppy over & over! The only drawback with method two, is you DO have to tear the paper remnants off after.
It's actually a pretty good size tree:

There's still plenty of time & warm nights by the fire to get this pattern up in your home! Hop over to my  etsy shop to snag this pattern, plus browse all my other patterns that are available. Like Otis the Owl!

Yep - it's an instant download, so once payment is complete Etsy gives you the files.  No waiting for me to get back to you!  And as always, if you have ANY questions, always feel free to email me:

I also have it for sale as an actual tablet, if you're not in the DIY mood... don't fret. And on that note, I have a long line of orders waiting to be completed, but I HAD to take a breather to share this pattern, before winter completely passed me by!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Thanks for reading, I love hearing from you all & seeing what you're up to.

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  1. I love this tree!! Can't wait to bring it home. ;) Love, Mom

  2. Great work! Like all your string art's projects!!! I like it very much!! And try to do so. You can see some of my works there,, and Hope, you'll like it a little)))


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