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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Quick Sink Cabinet Makeover

In an effort to keep the downstairs bathroom makeover relatively simple, there will be no replacing of sinks & sink cabinets.  No plumbing work. Not even a new faucet.  Those things, would move us out of the realm of "quick" bathroom makeover, and throw us right into a redo. The sink was fine, the faucet good enough.. We're already clocking in at about a month since we had Thanksgiving to focus on, but who's really counting?  So today, I'll share the very quick sink cabinet makeover.
So here she is before:
Nothing special. I'm happy it's functional, clean, and has a little bit of character.. So while we had the paints out for the walls I figured, why not give it a little love too? My first thought was painting & aging it. And that was that. Like I said, not wasting any time here.

First I painted it the same light gray as the wall on the right. 15 minutes.
Now I know what you're thinking, it's too matchy matchy - fear not! I had a plan all along. I whipped out some of my Minwax Oil based stain, in Ebony... (note, this is NOT polyshades... that crap dries too fast & gets splotchy!)
This one can has lasted me FOREVER! (Now that I said that out loud, I'll totally run out).

For the treatment, I dipped a piece of T-shirt into the stain, and just started smearing it all around. Really getting into the grooves, too...
After a minute or two, gently wipe the stain off with the rest of the clean T-shirt. Remember to not get crazy with the wiping, you want to leave some stain.
Stand back & see how you feel. I wanted more, so I just went crazy with it and did 3 rounds of this treatment. Then, I was happy.
Thar we go.  The grooves are highlighted by the stain, the cabinet has a little bit more interest, and now that white bowl really pops!
The handles were bugging me so I spray painted them yellow.  Then, immediately after I did that, I realized I still didn't like them - and attacked them with leftover sand paper.  That ever happen to you? Idea goes south.. they aren't too bad:
Cute little tie in to the yellows we were hoping for in this room! I'll keep my eye out for some good cabinet hardware, but these will hold me over for a bit.  Standing back:
Ignore that horrible reflection! We got our mirror finally & installed it. Problem solved! I can't wait to show you. Doesn't the sink stand look a little better than before? Someday a new one all together would be lovely, but realistically, this is a spare bathroom.  I gets used maybe 15% of the time. Right now I'm focusing on the finish line, and the floor is up next.....

Got any indoor winter projects you're focusing on? I saw the crew over at Sawdust & Embryos are doing some demo in one of their bathrooms... looks great!  Someday I'll have the confidence (and knowledge!) to do that. Ralph and I have our eyes on a few walls that need to come DOWN in this place!

Stay warm!

Leftover things to do in the bathroom:

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  1. The finish looks great. It really pops and makes a statement now. Love it!

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