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Monday, December 2, 2013

Even More String Art

Hello & I hope you all had a wonderfully long & relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! Ours was fun, I made the stuffing muffins recipe I talked about last week, and whoah - they aren't as easy as they look! My first batch completely fell apart, but my second batch came out perfect.  When Rachel Ray says "Moist, but not wet" in her stuffins recipe, she means wet enough for the bread to stick together. I was just too cautious! Oops... Still, whether muffin shape or not, they were delicious.  Can't go wrong with soggy bread that's been re-baked. As weird as that sounds...

Hard to go back to work today, am I right? Please, allow me to distract you with some bits of string art eye candy. I mean, why not?  I've been super busy with orders lately, and a large portion of my orders have been custom requests for new designs, so I thought I'd take a minute to share. Collaborating one on one with people to achieve exactly what they have in mind is one of my favorite parts of this gig.  First up, I'm mega impressed with the size of this one! This is a company logo, and our main issue was how we would ship something so big:
They originally wanted it one solid piece, but shipping a piece of wood that is 3 feet tall by 6 feet wide proved to be extremely expensive!  The workaround was to do 4 separate panels that would make shipping much, much smaller. Where there's a will there's a way, right?

Up Next, a 3 piece peacock measuring in at 30" wide by 30" tall once it's hung up.  Again, going with separate panels to make this ship-able! 
Forgive my photos, I wanted to snap a few shots in the light I had so I could get this piece to it's new home ASAP. I love it though!

And then there's been a lot of new color combos to enjoy, people are really into this Market font - which is my favorite. Glad we agree!  If your looking for any of these combos, details are in the shop links under the photos.
Shop Link
Shop Link
Shop Link
Shop Link
A bright and colorful take on the Showcard Font:
Showcard Link

And a few Old English Monograms! I love the black and white with the copper here. Which, you may have noticed from our downstairs bathroom redo that I'm mega into that color scheme lately... heh
Shop Monograms
Old English Monograms
Here's the first time I've gotten to use this multi-colored string, I really like this stuff.... but it's so hard to find! 
Multicolored Sea Snail
And last but not least, a new color combo for our old deer friend, who I jokingly call Debby in our  home.  I know, he has antlers, making Debby a boy... but long story short - Debby the destroyer is a deer that visits our house daily and eats all the plants I buy. It's a sick relationship we have.  Anyway....
When I have a free minute I may make us one of these, yellow is a big theme in our downstairs bathroom & I need some new art in there.

Well hopefully I've distracted you from work today, being the first day back.. hope you're off soon! And if you have today off... you. are. so. lucky....!


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