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Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Inspiring Wood Ceilings

As we finish the details of our downstairs bathroom, we wanted to tackle one of the final details.  The wood plank ceiling! So I wanted to take a moment to browse the interwebs for examples, to get a good feel for what we're going for.  Check out a few of my favorite examples, is this something you can see yourself doing in your home?
This project from Maple Leaves & Sycamore Trees (one of my favorite blogs) may have been what started the ceiling obsession for me.  Beforehand I was obsessed with wood accent walls, until it moved on up. I mean, just look at it! Those are pallets... 

However, for our tiny bathroom, I knew white would HAVE to be the way to go, to keep it clean & open. If that's even possible in that lil place.  Let's let some pictures speak for themselves:
White Beam Ceiling
Stark White Bathroom Ceiling
Long Planks with Perpendicular bulky beams
Pure Plank Heaven
Yep. Gonna go with white. After seeing these bright & airy rooms, I was pretty confident we could add some texture & interest to the boring drywall ceiling, without closing in the room too much.  As a bonus you can easily slap on more white paint down the line.  Even the nails showing adds so much!

So we jumped in.  We've started in on ours already, still wrapping it up & will have photos soon. Let me just say, the nail gun = new best friend. Have you done something like this in your home? Would you, if you haven't?


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  1. I've kinda been itching to so this in my kitchen! I love the first look with all the different colors but know that my personality quirk would get the better of me after a while and the busyness of it visually would drive me to distraction...but I do love the white wood as well, maybe just a white wash would work with reclaimed wood. Can't wait to see your finished ceiling, maybe I'll be inspired!

    1. Yay! I can't wait to show you, it's been surprisingly easy!! All thanks to that glorious nail gun.... wish I had bought one sooner, it's perfect for this.

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