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Monday, January 6, 2014

Downstairs Bathroom: Flooring

Happy New Year! Well, now that the holidays have cleared out, we finally  have time to get back to work on our downstairs bathroom. There really isn't much left to do, if you missed the before shots - click here & scroll down to take a peek.  We patched & painted, redid the sink cabinet, & added an awesome DIY copper towel rack.  But the last large obstacle was tackling the "gorgeous" blue vinyl tile peel & stick floor. My original plan was to keep this a QUICK makeover, which means nothing huge like tearing up flooring. So, we decided to just go on top of the old peel & stick floor, with  new peel & stick floor!
I was totally going to get all crafty and cut this into smaller rectangles, & do a beautiful herringbone pattern... but... sometimes when you hit a certain point in a project, you just can't see much else except for the finish line, you know? So, since the tile we chose was pretty spiffy as is, we said - let's keep it simple.  Here's a close up of the stuff we chose:
I love it! We got it on amazon (link here) and it was cheap.  We went through a pack and a half, and each pack was under $20.  Not bad! I've never used peel & stick flooring before, but it was SO EASY.  It cuts pretty well, and the only challenging part was getting around the toilet. 
Since we knew this was a makeover to "hold us over" until some huge wonderful remodel down the line when I win the lottery, we chose to cut the tiles around the toilet versus lifting it.  I know, how could we deprive ourselves of the joy that is removing a toilet just to put some floor tiles under it?  Shame.

The easiest way to figure out how to cut the tiles was to practice with a piece of cardboard cut to the tile size. Then I just cut the cardboard little by little until it fit perfectly, then transferred to the tile & traced. Try it on a few times before committing to peeling the backing off & placing it.  Takes a while, but is easier than making mega mistakes.

But! It's done. And forgive the dust specs on the floor, I didn't want to do a full floor cleaning until all the tiles had set.  You can tell when you stand on them that they need a day or two to settle in...
Looks like wood though! And feels so clean....  Hardest bathroom to photograph, it's so tiny.  But I tend to spend more time on my projects than on my photos. I'm a horrible person, I know....

Moving right along, we're working on the mirror, the light & the ceiling.  I've been collecting accessories that will match, and can't wait to put them in their places.  How's your year starting? Any projects on the start list? Or the finish-up list.... hehe...

Enjoy the day everyone - If you're in this crazy cold storm, stay warm & stay safe!


Leftover things to do in the bathroom:

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  1. I love how this turned out! And that your mom left your first comment. And your blog. And your house! I'm feeling all full of love today! Can't wait to see what you come up with for a light!

    1. haha, thanks so much! Sounds like you had a good day too!

  2. Wow! The new deck of your bathroom is better than anyone might have expected. It's truly an unquestionable requirement for us to maintain the cleanliness of our bathrooms, in order to keep up its capacities and embellish its appearance. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Jesse! All the best to you!

    Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing

  3. love your kitchen remodeling ! I have been agonizing over what color to paint the walls once I paint my cabinets white. but Iam inspired by your all white kitchen and using the pops of color instead of colored wall paint!
    Remodeling contractor Austin

  4. I love it! But what about when you are ready to move out? When you remove it, does it damage the floor underneath?

    1. Great point! I'm not sure... Luckily we own, so that stuff is staying put. I imagine it would damage it, because the glue is incredibly strong!


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