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Thursday, May 31, 2012

How To: Mosaic Planter

As it gets warmer, we all naturally want to start fixing up our yards and patios.  I love all the beautiful planters I see in the stores, but I don't love the price!  All you need is a little creativity, plus a few inspiring pictures to get you motivated, and you can come up with some amazing planters for your patio at a fraction of the price. 

Today I want to share this really neat tutorial from Centsational Girl, a planter with a beautiful mosaic tile finish.  A lot of people are scared to death of tile, and I used to be too - but once you try it the first time, you'll be hooked. It's so easy, and the outcome is so impressive that you'll want to tile everything! Plus, the hardware stores carry these sheets of tile (I'm sure you've seen) which lets you place 100 or so tiles in one step. Talk about a time saver! The possibilities with tiling are endless, but today let's hone in one style. Take a look:

Pretty good, right? You could probably save a few more bucks if you build a basic box yourself. Though I love having this ready-made box with it's nice finish.  Head over to Centsational Girl for the full tutorial, then tonight head out for some tile & grout. These would be such a great gift, and you could easily do it in a weekend. If you take on this project, share your experience with the rest of us.  Have a great one!

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