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Friday, May 25, 2012

Party Time: Jello

This weekend I am going to a "1960's beach party" themed party (whatever will I wear!?), and while dreaming up what retro food to bring, jello immediately came to mind.  So for today's Party Time, I'm going to focus on the delightful & mysterious creations of Jello.  More importantly, the Jello Shot. Here's what I'm about to tackle today:
So cool! Plus, instead of trying to squeeze the jello out of some soggy paper cup, we can just take a slice, on a plate, and actually get some of this in our mouth.  Why has this not always been the case?? I've always liked jello shots at parties, but let's face it - it's not a clean experience.  All these, can of course, be made without alcohol.  Jello for all!
 I had no idea that the Jello Shot had become such an art form. I stumbled across this amazing blog called The Jelly Shot Test Kitchen, and let me tell you, this person isn't fooling around.  Here are some of my favorites, oh - and the pictures themselves are links to the recipes - I try to make it easy for you...   :)

There's some sophistication... those look like something you'd find in a fancy restaurant. No-no, just jello.  I'm not sure if the author of that blog comes up with these on their own, but wow - so clever!
Ok - this one I actually have done before.  You follow the "jigglers" recipe and put the jello in hollowed out orange halves.  It totally worked, and was a hit, but I was left with a LOT of orange guts after. Great for picnics since it's a biodegradable wrapper.  
Better yet, skip the wrapper all together! These maraschino cherries add a handle that make it easy to grab one of these rainbow-brights.  If I had the proper mold for this, I'd probably switch to this recipe today.  I love churries.
These are really fun, and I love that they are set up in little Asian soup spoons..  so cute it's sickening.  Head over to Jelly Shot Test Kitchen and prepare to be amazed, this is not your grandma's jello.  I love the ideas, and I can tell already that my summer will be full of this stuff! Friends be warned...

If I could make this post play a soundtrack (Don't worry, I never will, I can't STAND sites that do that automatically!) it would be playing "You are so beautiful" by Joe Cocker. And no, I did not know who sang that off the top of my head (thanks googy!). So I've got my brand new bundt pan, I've got 6 packs of jello and an afternoon on my hands - wish me luck as I conquer the most-wonderful-giant-rainbow-jello-shot in the world, and good luck to you if you decide to take on Jello this weekend too!

P.S. I was in no way sponsored by Jello or Jello like products to post this, though I wish I was because I had to buy 6 boxes of the stuff!   :)  Happy Memorial Day, It's Party Time!

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  1. Love the mini rainbows with the cherry handle! Cool idea!!! :)


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