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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Spotlight: ZNAK Tears Off Wallpaper

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday, Monday was a real wash in my opinion - so I'm starting the week all over today.  Monday really should be just a lazy day, a warm up to the week ahead.  We can dream!  Anyway, down to business - today I want to show you this awesome wallpaper my sister showed me, it's called "tears off wallpaper" and she spotted over at apartment therapy.  Take a look, it will make sense in a moment:

 Isn't that interesting? I've really been warming up to wallpaper (remember this wild wallpaper I fell in love with?) where I've traditionally been a paint-on-the-walls kind of person. This looks like the perfect combo.  This clever paper has perforations in it, so after adhering it to the wall, you can simply peel away a design as small or as large as you like.

This reveals the color underneath, or in this next case, a beautiful wall effect was painted & covered in a white tear off paper:
Such a great idea! It comes in a lot of colors, and really lets you get creative with your wall accents. If you try this out, let the rest of know how it goes! I'm so curious to see what it's like to actually work with. The company that makes this is ZNAK, here's their website, and I see they have a lot of different patterns and products available.  I love geometric patterns, so anything angular will have me by the heart.  Have a great monday er, Tuesday!

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