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Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinterest Picks: Back to School

For many families across the country, the school bells have gone a ringing.. the kids are back to school! It's a bittersweet time, sad that summer is ending - while a little glad the kids are back in class most of the day! Terrible I know.. with school starting up though it's the perfect time to completely reorganize and revamp the paperwork side of our homes.  Even if you aren't in school, having a desk or a set area to organize bills, files, mail and the like will keep things from taking over the rest of your house.  Admit it, we've all had that huge pile of papers at the unused end of a dining table.... I cannot be the only one. So, for today's Pinterest Picks we're going to scour ye olde pinterest for some new & clever ways to stash a desk in your house, where it won't take over your life.  As usual, remember that the following pictures are click-able to pin-able. First up, this petite floating desk:
Source: via Jesse on Pinterest

Boom! Look at that! That can't possibly take up  more than, what, 12 inches of space?  I think this is a fantastic little desk for a bedroom, complete with storage underneath to keep the clutter down under.   Plus, it's a little area in your room that you get to dress up all cute-like. Notice the person who owns this set-up has a double duty going, I see necklaces and a mirror - it's also a vanity! I think if you plan on doing this type of desk,  be sure the desktop is deep enough for your laptop measured while open (adds about an inch).

If this isn't enough storage space for you (I know, same here...wish it was) than it's time to bring the clothes out of the closet and shove your office back in:

I think this is my favorite.  A place for everything and everything in it's place.  This is the perfect little work station that you can close off when you're finished.  I'm sure you're thinking, what about the clothes? Well if you are lucky enough to have a guest room, I'd put the office in that closet, and give your guests a small armoire, wardrobe or dresser somewhere else in the room. I mean, how long are they staying, do they need the whole closet?  If yes, then you might have a roomate on your hands...ha!  But if you're like me and don't have 5.5 bedrooms at your disposal, consider similar solutions for your clothes.  Armoires, Wardrobes, dressers.  There are so many creative alternatives (Ikea Wardrobes to the rescue!) out there, while still maintaining that clutter free, clean look.

Here's another closet desk, this one ditched the doors all together:

This is so warm and inviting! I could type in there all day. This works great if you don't have room for swing out doors, and sliders would cost you half your desk.  Curtains can still close it off come bedtime.  Although, this person threw in another crafty trick, making the actual desk & all accessories match the room.  Everything is put away, color coordinated, I wouldn't mind leaving it open now & then! I think I love yellow.....

One of the great things about the disappearance of desktop computers, is it's made it so we aren't chained to one specific desk anymore, just like cordless let us talk untethered. Now we can pick where in the house we'll work for the day, take this pull down desk:

That's so handy!  Any unused wall or area can incorporate a pull down desk, complete with a little storage.  Don't feel like sitting in your closet and working today? Pull down a desk, anywhere you like.  This would be great outside, don't you think? Hey, a few of those outside would really help out a patio party!  Oh, and the kids can use it too..  :)

Ok, speaking of kids - this is back to school season, I guess we can step away from our own amazing desks and give them something special too:

Fun! Look at that roll of paper, that's the best!  This would work even better in a kids room.  A) They can't reach the closet rod half their life anyway.. so something smaller is ideal, and B) most people end up using their kids closet as an extension of their own.  So, just go through your clothes (I should take my own advice there...) and give Junior a desk already. 

I could keep going on & on about desks all day, but I don't want anyone falling asleep at the keyboard.  I have always loved school supplies, office supplies, and organizing!  It just gets worse as I get older too. So I'll wrap things up with what I consider the grand supreme desk, the King of all closet desks:

It has a guest seat! Attractive enough to leave open, but I'd still want some doors.  Mainly to keep me from checking facebook & emails 3,000 times an hour.  You feel me?

Alright estudiantes, it is Friday so maybe desks were the last thing you wanted to talk about today, so pin these up & have a look on Monday.  I think these desks are so great, closet be warned......

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Let's keep in touch, yea? Here ya go: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Email.

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  1. I just found your blog. Where have you been hiding. Your tutirials are amazing. You are a true artist! Love love love ur site! I love ASCP and the look it gives furniture. Though I have only done one desk. Thanks again.

    1. Haha! Thank you so much! Haven't been hiding, just working and working! Glad you are a new subscriber, welcome!


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