Google+ Nine Red: We're Under Attack!

Monday, August 13, 2012

We're Under Attack!

Attack of the spammers - wow! In the past few days I have had at least 50 comments published throughout the blog, that luckily google has recognized as spam - BUT not before notice of that post was sent to all of us!

If you've been receiving a million comment notifications, I'm sorry!  I got them too (a full inbox!?).  Rest assured though, I will be activating comment moderation.   It's bittersweet though, I know so many people (including me!) don't want to have to do the "captcha" or word verification, but with these crazy spammy robots out and about, we have no choice. 

So don't worry, the problem should be solved! Thanks for hanging in there, and thanks for letting me know it was happening!


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