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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thrifty Accessories

We've been doing so much work in the kitchen to make our vision a reality, between the Hutch Makeover and the Kitchen Painting, I'm wiped out!  I get so excited once I start to see it all come together though, and accessorizing the room is one of my favorite parts.  I usually "shop" all around my house first, to see what would go nicely in that room that another room can give up (found a few things for the kitchen!)  After that, I love going to thrift shops and creatively scouring through the shelves for items with interesting colors, texture, shapes & uses. It's tricky, because you have to really think outside of the box.  In this case, I knew I wanted some interesting wall art & hopefully a large white or metallic tray for the table.  I found my items, but they weren't my colors... never underestimate the power of some spray paint!
This is a solid metal wall hanging, that was actually originally gold, I had it painted black for a bit in my living room. Remember I said I shopped at home first? Ding ding! Score. Well I had the spray paint,
and the item, so I went for it. (Freebie!)  I think this thing was originally Christmas Decor in a past life, but I don't care. I love the style where the wall shows from behind.  It was incredibly easy, and you should do it every time you have the chance. Yes, every time.
Clean It. Prime It. Paint It. Boom! Instant results and instant gratification. Oh yea, that's pin-worthy. This thing demands your attention against it's new teal wall home.  Orange and Yellow are the accents in our kitchen, so we wanted to make sure it found it's way in before blue & teal tried to dominate (as usual!). 

The next project was a conflicted one, but I love it now! First off, found this awesome vintage tray at the thrift store (vintage lovers avert your eyes, this may sting a little!)
I know, I know! That adorable retro graphic of the oddly shaped man BBQ'ing... how could I cover it up? Well - I had to buck up and look at the bigger picture.  It was in a thrift shop, it was beat up, and it wasn't the look I was going for. Normally I keep a nice vintage around, but red was a color we were specifically trying to avoid in here since we already had so much going on. And red seems to sneak into every part of my life (not that I mind.. but I'm tryin to break out of my comfort zone here!)  I had to make a choice, and I figured it would get just as much love this way, and I'm thrilled! Found it, Primed it, Painted it and now I love it.

Besides, I've rescued enough vintage goods from thrifts stores in my life & found them good homes, that I feel like I have a bit of vintage-karma-credit here! That's what I'm telling myself anyway.  What's done is done! (Can you tell I feel a little guilty? Haha...)

Anyway, the point of this post was to show that you can cheaply and easily accessorize with a little creativity and a good can of spray paint.  (This is one of many thrifty techniques) This whole project, including the items themselves, cost me under $8. Can't argue with that!

Uh oh, Spoiler alert!  You can see the finished hutch hardware in the back there, and the fantastic/amazing/wonderful/new favorite tabletop there.. details on that coming very very soon! Stay tuned, have a wonderful Wednesday....

Speaking of thrifty, up next: A DIY Wood Floor Mat, for entry or bath...

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