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Friday, January 18, 2013

How To: 3-D Paper Wall Art

Said it before, and I'll say it again - I love me some paper projects.  I have no idea why it appeals to me so much, maybe because it's cheap & readily available? Who knows, all I do know is that paper can be transformed into seemingly endless creations, with new ones everyday. I was mulling around the world wide web (remember when it was called that?!) thinking of some possible ideas for a big blank space in our kitchen. I wanted colors, texture, I may have wanted this:
Photo Credit: Shelterness
Cue the Angels singing, isn't it pretty?? I love it, and granted
it probably shouldn't go in a kitchen, (grease n stuff) I will definitely be using this somewhere in the homestead.  I got a few places that could use a little spruce, and this is so easily done with brightly colored Origami paper.  I'm thinking of putting it on some blank canvases however, so I can easily move/change them. Because let's face it, that's gonna get dusty!
Photo Credit: Shelterness
I could ramble on for days about different types of wall projects that I want to do, but that's insanely boring for one post (I'll sneak it in some others, ha!) so I'll leave you with this one for now. And hey, if you have kids, they probably have Monday off for Martin Luther King Junior's Birthday.. this project is so easy that you can all do it together, Super-size it! Hop over to Shelterness for the complete tutorial, it's delightfully simple.

Looking for more paper projects? Here's a pretty picture gallery of some of my other favorite paper projects, that are still on my to-do list.  That thing grows faster than it shrinks... I need an 8th day of the week! Click the titles below the pictures for the link.  Have fun!
Link: Origami Star Lantern
Link: Gallery of Paper Dot Mobiles

Link: Modern Colorful Mobile

Link: Paper Scrap Light
Have a great weekend!

Up Next: We introduce the beginnings of what is known as The Great Hutch Makeover...

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