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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hutch Makeover: Part 1

**UPDATE: The Hutch is done, click here after to see the finished job***

I told you all about how we've been repainting the kitchen, while I love how it came out - it definitely pointed out that the furniture was ready to get a makeover soon too, soon as in should have done this yesterday... I mentioned we had started in on the Hutch, and here's the update. We're almost done!
 I love side by sides. This was midway, and I believe I already showed that.  Anyway, the big dilemma was whether or not to do one of my favorite colors, Beach Towel by Behr (Remember this Beach Towel Bookshelf? Oh yea.. ) or to go with white.  See the teal against the new aqua wall here:

I love that contrast! It was a tough choice, but as you know we went with white, and I'm really happy.  We whipped up a batch of DIY Chalk paint and got to work.  I can't imaging not using chalk paint for this.. For one thing, we were in the kitchen (it was freezing outside and we have no patience whatsoever) so sanding was out of the question.
There's Ralph using chalk paint for the first time, see how thrilled he is? Haha! It was pretty rewarding, and then you realize you have to do a second coat and that's the hard part to swallow. But, once you've started ya gotta finish, right? An episode of This American Life helped us through a lot, plus seeing the progress is really motivating..
We actually worked on this while dinner was in the oven most weeknights last week.  The first coat was done late on a Sunday night, and the rest came in waves over the week.  But we made it... 
Two coats down! There are a couple spots here and there that need some attention, but for the most part two was all it took.  This white is Cascade White by Behr, in case you're wondering.  We just took the white that was in the same column as our Aqua Bay and figured they'd match up. And they do!
I couldn't resist throwing the back on there and leaning the glass back in.  I was originally thinking of replacing the glass, but since yellow is one of our colors in this room we'll probably just go with it. Unless we hate it later, but we'll cross that  bridge when we get to it.  Oh look, another side by side:
So. Much. Better! We are both really happy with the white, and next to our crazy curtain there (crazy wonderful...) it really "pops".  The original plan was to pick a fabric for the back, but 3 fabric stores later we didn't find anything that really struck a chord with us.  So we went to and browsed the thousands of choices and found one we wanted... it's a wild one:
Got those handles on Etsy, and the fabric is Joel Dewberry Notting Hill Primrose Poppy.  Says they are out of it now, so I think we got it just in time! Joel Dewberry is a new favorite of mine, these designs are killer. Really bold and fun, just how I like 'em! Here's a close up, it has all the colors we'll be coordinating in the kitchen.  Except for Red, but I don't mind it making a guest appearance now & then.
So there you have it! The progress on the Hutch. We should be done shortly, we are just waiting for the fabric & the hardware to show up & we'll be set. We couldn't decide whether or not to distress, and I think we'll try it without distressing first, and see how it does. You can always distress later, but you can't go backwards as easily! I'll definitely wax or seal it with a Polycrylic.

So that was our week & weekend, how was yours? What do you think of our color choices? Make it a good day, remember - each day gets longer by a minute! (At least in the SF Bay Area anyway....)


Up Next: Thrift Shops & Spray Paint, that's a good time right there..

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  1. love that fabric! it looks great, especially with the yellow-tint glass. Party at my place if you feel like linking up!

    1. Thanks!! Sadly...(but it turned out great!) we decided at the last minute to ditch that glass. But we chose a really really pretty cobalt blue that will compliment the hardware. . . . I'll have that update soon!

  2. Wow this hutch looks amazing! I'm always intimidated by pieces that large. And it's going to be incredibly useful in a kitchen. The fabric is cool too - will we see the final, final project?
    (and I'm kinda glad you ditched the glass)

    1. Thanks David! Yea, I'm working on the finish up post, should be out soon (Monday) I am also putting that fabric on right now! Mod Podge to the rescue, right? Yea, I was thinking we could work with the yellow glass originally but when I visited the glass shop I just fell for the blue and went for it. Why the hell not? :D

  3. I'm so glad I found your website! I just bought a similar hutch and was thinking that a coat of paint could really spruce it up a bit. Question for you, how much paint would you reckon you used on this project? I'm new to all this, so any info would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Thank you! I'd say.... around a quart? It really depends on what type of paint you get. If you get something with primer in it already, it will go a LOT farther than if you get the cheapest paint available. when you have the primer in it, you also get to do less coats :D


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