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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Painting the Brick Fireplace

Some of you probably fell out of your chair from shock, "paint.... the fireplace?!" gasp! Sorry for the scare, but brace yourselves, yes - we're probably going to do it. I know, it's totally taboo in so many circles, and maybe that's why I want to do it - hehe.  Hear me out though, I've pulled up some good examples and inspiration pictures, and both Ralph and I agree that a nice white wash (rather than a thick white glossy coat) will brighten up the living room a lot.  Let's start with a look at what we're dealin' with here:
I love having a woodburning stove, and a big beautiful brick area - but let's face it. It's dark & dated. The long term goal is to redo the brick to some light and beautiful shale or something, with a big wood block mantle...which in reality is a long, long time away.  So I figure, baby steps - let's start with something simple, like a whitewash.  Here's what got me thinking:
This is a whitewash from The Painted Drawer.  (Hop over to her blog for details) I really like it! I saw her post about it on facebook and that opened up a whole pinterest session about painted fireplaces, and suddenly my morning was gone. Ha!  Hereare my favorites:: (you can see the whole living room board here)

Cute fireplace, and cute dog! This one is the winner for sure, plus they give a brief tutorial on their blog on how to do it. It's a wash of 50/50 paint to water. And probably 3,000 rags but it's worth it.

Here's a really great one, if you can look past the amazing open ceiling and wonderful furniture, there's a painted fireplace in there. I like that the brick is still there, but  not soaking up every ounce of light this place has to offer (like ours!)

I think we'll just do it. No looking back.  I know, it's irreversible.. but I'm really loving the way it looks in these homes.  What do you think? Would you paint brick in your home or are we insane?  We'll see it how it goes, and I'm thinking it'll go pretty well...   You can see the full living room Pin Board here, if you are as crazy about pinning as I am. I use it for almost everything!

See you next time, I'll show you how I got the house ready to party down last weekend. Fun!

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  1. I vote paint! If you want to go darker again later you can with a wash of dark paint! :-) I'm not a fan of the glossy white thick versions but the photos you showed look gorgeous! Very warm and homey.

    1. (Ps: I think you should start by leaving the stove dark! I imagine it would look fabulous against the lighter brick!

  2. I love the painted (whitewash) brick, I vote do it for sure!

  3. Thanks!! Yea, I'm leaning to washin' it. Why not!

  4. DO IT!!! My sister painted her grey concrete brick wall a faux terra cotta brick. I'm doing mine in Venetian plaster. Never live with ugly brickwork; life is too short. Love your blog btw. Monica

  5. Do it !! I did mine and I LOVE LOVE it !!

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