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Friday, April 19, 2013

Mirror Makeover

Good day! Today I'm going to share a quick mirror make-over, this was a fast & fun little number.   I've done mirror projects before, (remember the teal mirror from way back when? or the Jade standing mirror/chalkboard?) but this one was hands down the easiest. Everything just went well, don't you love when that happens?
So fresh & so clean....  this project took, oh, a few hours? Majority of time was waiting for paint to dry.  Green is one of the major players in our living room, and I've always wanted to incorporate this one - it's "Meadow Green" by Rustoleum.  Yep - spray paint, you know I love it!
If you want to get this look in your home, you can - and you'll be done in no time. Promise. Gather up this stuff:
  • Thrift store mirror
  • Vinegar & Water Mix, + a Rag
  • Hammer, small nails.
  • Spray paint: Primer, Color of your choice. 
  • fabric remnants (if your mirror has a spot for it)
Here's our beautiful mirror. We're starting to work on sprucing up the living room now that we're done with the guest room, and there was an area above the stairs that needed a little something something...I saw this at the Goodwill, couldn't decide, and sent Ralph the next day to make the final call. He came home with it, and I'm so glad!
Here's a close up of the lovely little scene going on...
As wonderfully charming as this little prairie home companion moment is, that is a style we are avoiding like the plague in our house, since we already feel people want to call the place a cabin... so modern colors it is! Here's us taking it apart:
Our mirror was held in with just little nails that came out easy with a hammer, but every mirror is different. Just do a little detective work and figure out how yours is, the nail in trim routine is pretty common.

Up next we gave it a dusting and a little bath of 50/50 vinegar to water. Vinegar, is a cure-all, and it was going to cure the dirt & smells right out of this baby.
OK - it didn't smell, but better safe than sorry!

Time to Prime. This is so satisfying, if you get a good 2-in-1 primer you won't have to repeat your steps, and I - as a rule of thumb - like to get the primer that says it can stick on plastic.  Yes, this is a WOOD mirror, but it's pretty glossy and I do NOT want chips and dings. Remember when you paint, multiple thin coats are better than one thick one.
Recycle-Reuse, old gross towels are constantly handy.
Lightly work your color of choice onto your dry primer, and remember! You can recoat WITHIN one hour, or AFTER 24! Don't ask me why, I don't know, but the can says it too.  Something with the chemicals, after enough bubbling up on spray jobs I decided to just give in and follow the directions.

I didn't do a clear coat since our green was high gloss, and this was rarely going to be touched.  After tearing out carefully removing the snow scene, we cut a cute chevron fabric remnant and popped it in.
Some people say the Chevron thing is done, and to those people I say - Oh well. I still like it! 
 What do you think??  I lo-o-o-ove it.....

A quick, easy & satisfying project always gets me ramped up to tackle the bigger ones. What about you, done any rewarding makeovers lately? I wanna see 'em, and I wanna share 'em!

Have a great weekend, try to get outside if you can!


Next on the To-Do list: Getting to work on that Patio, let's break something.

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  1. I love this! I did one similar a few years ago...
    But I have to say I a huge fan of the GREEN!!!

    1. Meadow green all the way! It's totally emerald in my opinion, don't you think?


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