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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maker Collection on Hatch

Hello everyone!  Well, I didn't get the bathroom completely finished before Ralph's Mom visited - not because I didn't WANT to.. but the mirror we got cut still isn't ready (was supposed to be ready last Wednesday!), so that held things up... and I made a major amazon boo-boo. I was supposed to order TWO boxes of peel & stick flooring (went with these cool spruce silver planks), but forgot to update the quantity in my shopping cart - so when 1 box showed up, that too got put on hold.  So in the meantime I'm staying busy with string orders & I was offered the opportunity to curate a collection on Hatch! For those that don't know about the switch yet, Hatch is now the new name for what was Makeably, and I've loved to see their growth and progress since they launched.   I had zero direction when I started browsing around Hatch for the collection, but as I pinned & picked my favorites it was pretty clear where things were headed; Colorful & Modern.  Not too surprised...

Here's a sneak:
You can find so many fun things on Hatch! I love the concept too, working together to make custom goods, customer & maker - as a team.  Check it out on Hatch, and have fun browsing.  

Happy Tuesday, it looks like it's finally going to rain here! So cozy.....


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