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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Downstairs Bathroom Update

Yes - I've been bad about posting, things have been crazy! We opened up a can of worms when we said "Oh, let's just paint that downstairs bathroom real quick".  I showed you some of the pictures in last week's post, and as all projects seem to go, a simple paint job unleashed a long list of to-do's.  Suddenly new towel racks, flooring, mirrors, light fixtures & even a special ceiling treatment were in order.  And guess what? Ralph's mom is visiting this weekend and I would LOVE to be finished by then. Our downstairs looks like it's been turned upside down. But in the end, going the extra distance for the details we know we want will be worth it, because you know how it goes - once you move on to another project, it's likely going to be a loooong time before you backtrack to add the details to a chapter you already closed.

So here's a little peak at the changes so far, and as soon as we're done I'll have tons of tutorials for this room.  We started with:
 Ugh.... then we started in with some dramatic dark grey paint. I know the room is tiny, but the plan is (and hopefully arriving today!) to have a large wood framed mirror & matching mantle across the back wall there.
Now, it's kind of hard to see the grey, (gray?) because of the nasty fluorescent light....
It's darker in person, and less shiny... and less blue. Say goodbye to this light:
.......and say hello to this one:
It might be hard to see the potential in this light, but I know something is in there. I snagged it at a thrift shop. We've been toying around with ideas, and I think the inside will be a summer squash yellow & the outside a light grey. Very clean & simple, two tone, and hanging centered on the back wall of the bathroom.  It might look good, and it might go horribly wrong... (I'm not completely convinced yet myself!).  But at $15 it's worth a try.  There was part of me that wanted the inside to be like a disco ball, but .... meh?

We needed a towel rack, and it - just like everything else - went and got all elaborate on me.  It started simple, "buy a towel rack. Oh, paint it copper... oh wait, we should paint some pipe copper, oh wait - we should make it OUT of copper.  Oooh, it should be really big!" Yea, so that's what happened:
I didn't even go look at what "normal" towel racks cost, because I'm sure it would make me rethink this plan. This puppy weighs in at about $25, but once I saw the finished product, I was fine with that.
Definitely have a tutorial on that, it was simple. No soldering either!
***Update, tutorial posted!***

And sidenote: for some reason we decided tackling the downstairs closet at the same time as the bathroom was some sort of genius idea, so we have not one but TWO projects to wrap up. Right Now.

This closet had no shelves. no bars, nothing. So we started adding rails:
Then plain old plywood shelves:
And a few more:
And even with all the measurements, we of course found out that the walls are not perfectly straight, and some shelves fit & some don't.  Yay! So we have to come back and make a few repairs, but all in all - I'm thrilled to have some very simple shelving in this closet, and I have to keep reminding myself that it's just storage.  Functional, simple storage. I can't help but want to make it cute, but there's just no time right now.

So that's where we are right now. It's Wednesday, Ralph's mom comes Friday, and I'd like to get these things done:
Here's a glimpse of the Pin-board too, in case you missed it:

Wish me luck! What about you, taking on any crazy projects this time of year? Is Thanksgiving really around the corner?

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  1. I had the hardest time with gray vs. grey until some one pointed out that in A-merica it's grAy and in E-ngland it's grey. I guess in Canada it's grehy?

    1. THANK YOU! What an easy way to remember it! Grehy, haha... that's a new one!

  2. Good luck!!! I love your crazy projects very much)))


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