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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Tables Have Turned

Remember that huge dining set I did for a customer a few months back? Here's the link and a reminder pic:

Well.. unfortunately not all 6 chairs fit under the table.... only 4 do. You can kind of see it in the picture, if you look at the 2 chairs on the front side here... notice that leg not quite going under? Yep. That's no good.  Since this was a long collaboration project, the chairs and the table came from 2 different sources.  It completely slipped my mind to do a practice run before I started! Let my mistake, be your lesson, always set up your furniture first!  Luckily, she was really  understanding about it, and I offered to find a new table, give it the same treatment, and bring it to her for a swap - free of charge.  Well here's a quick run down on the new table:
 I don't have a "before" shot (oops!), but this table had one of those super thick lacquers on the top. Twas no match for my sander! This table is much bigger than her last one, and quite frankly, matches those chairs a lot better. The chairs were very curvy and detailed, and this table has a lot of those same effects. Here's a close up of a leg:
See what I mean? Matches the overall French Provincial look of it.  I'd have more pictures but I was so worried about how long this was all taking, that my main focus was getting this table to her so she could use all 6 chairs again.  Which means...... the old table is up for sale! Here's some staging to help you imagine it in your home, hehe:

 Here's a link to the Etsy posting, where I am selling it for $225 + shipping.  However - as a big ol' thank you - I'm giving my readers (or their family & friends) $50 off, and making it $175 + shipping.  Just mention that you saw this post when you buy it on Etsy in the "notes to seller", and I'll refund $45 for ya.  Local pick up or delivery is available too, of course! Have a wonderful Thursday, message me with any questions!

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  1. I love the new table and yes, agree that it is a better match! The other table is beautiful as well!!

  2. Can I ask you what you did to give the top of the oval table that washed out/milky stained look?

  3. Can I ask you what you did to give the top of the oval table that washed out/milky stained look?

    1. You can ask me anything you like! What i did there was a two step process. First, I stained the whole thing in a water based deck stain, that was nutmeg color I believe. A light brown. Did a few coats, then I distressed the edges and smoothed things out. Then I rubbed a thick layer of oil based minwax wood stain, dark walnut, over the whole thing. I layered it on, and gently wiped off in the direction of the wood grain, leaving a two tone effect. Hope that helps! Feel free to ask more if you need :)


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