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Friday, May 4, 2012

Spotlight & How-to: Wood Accent Wall

I've always been a big fan of accent walls.  Usually it's a light colored room and one or two bold accent walls. I think we are all pretty familiar with that idea, but now I think we are ready to incorporate another element here: Texture! There are tons of choices for textured walls, ranging from stone to molded resin.  Today I just want to focus on wood.  It's versatile, attainable & affordable, and can be made to fit so many different styles.   It adds a real focal point to a room, adding more texture, value and structure to an otherwise smooth wall. Plus you can still hang your artwork on it! Double Points.  First I'll show you some really cool examples I pulled up, then I'll share the most amazing tutorial in the world.  Here we go:
The one above appears to be clean, aged slats.  While the one below has a more eclectic and recycled look.

Here's another clean look.  These seem to be made from recycled pallet wood, which I'm sure you all know is easily attainable for literally nothing!
Here's a different take on a wooden accent wall, the tree slice wall.  I've talked about how much I love that look before, here in the Doug Fir post.  Look how great it comes out in a home, and check out that chandelier!
One more take on the slice style, this looks like timber posts that have been sliced, and then stained or painted different shades to compliment the room. I can't get a good side view, but I imagine they are all different depths, which would look great.
 Now that I've got you pumped up and motivated, get ready to tackle a wood accent wall of your own.  Thanks to the wonderful people over at Bower Power Blog, for providing such a detailed tutorial of this.  They recently did this wall for a new nursery, how lucky is that kid?! I think the result came out wonderfully, and really adds a lot to the room.  Designer home here we come!  Head over to their blog for the full tutorial, and soon you too can have one o' these:
 Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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