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Friday, May 3, 2013

Guest Room Tour: Finally!

Finally, now that the major projects are done - we can close the chapter (for now!) on this room!  I'm really happy with how it came out, especially when you compare how it was before.  Miscellaneous storage room no more! While it's set up to be a guest room, we do use it daily.  It's our dressing room.  Hahaha... I can hear your laughter from here! But hey - it's nice to have a separate spot to get ready in the morning, don't knock it til' you try it.

So here's how I'll do this, I'll run the first set of photos through for viewing, then the second set will have details and links to all the fun projects that took place in there.  A-here-we-go, I'm moving in a circle to my left:
Had to give a close up of that light, I love it (thanks Sarah!).  It got a little drowned out in the last photo, but it's above that dresser.
There she is! What do you think, not bad for a tiny room, huh? I know it seems odd to have a ginormous mirror in that tiny room, across from the bed, but whatever.  It does make the room look bigger, and remember this is our dressing room 75% of the time. So it works!

Alrighty - here are the project links, paint colors, etc. as promised:
  1. One of my first Cut Canvas projects! See more here.
  2. Coming soon: Adding an easy pull cord to absolutely any light.
  3. DIY Floor Mirror: Tutorial here!
  1. Decorating with Driftwood
  2. New Room, New Paint! This paint was from our local Ace, called Soldier something..
  3. Jute Wrapped Chandelier Tutorial
  4. How To: Geometric Art Tutorial
  1. This is a space heater. I've been asked so many times if it was a table with a radio or something. Nope! 
  2. No room for a door? Hem a plain bedsheet to size and make it into a curtain. Add some rings and a tension rod. Done. No tutorial necessary.
  3. This paint is by Behr, Paint & Primer in one, called Loft Space.
  1. Message in a Bottle Tutorial: Hard to see in this, but it's there. Aging paper tutorial included.
  2. Built in Shelf Tutorial: We took a weird space and made it super functional.
  3. Cyan Chalk Paint Nightstand Tutorial: Recipe included.
  1. American flag blanket that Ralph's Grandma made.
  2. Reverse Tie-Dye Tutorial:  This is a fun one.
  1. This is our new light fixture. Please ignore the unpainted ceiling, it's my least favorite job in the world. We got it at Home Depot, and here's the link.
There you have it! Any questions? Feel free to ask, I probably  may have left something out. As for the window, I just realized it's not in any of the pictures. Well it's there, it's just small. Left of the dresser, above the bed.  That's part of the reason we wanted the room to feel really cozy and interesting, because we knew there wouldn't be much gazing outside.. heh.

Thanks for touring our guest room! 


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  1. love the touches of red with that dark accent wall which helps make the room cozy!


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